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NB 58
Linux OS HD 1080P MPEG4+Card Reader+
Multimedia+PVR+USB+Friendly User Interface

CPU :BCM7358,MIPS 34Kf@700MHz /1000DMIPS
Operating System :Linux
FLASH :128MB (nand-flash)
Model NB58
Product Name DVB-S2 STB
Main Feature ◆ Support DVB-S2 tuner 
◆ RF Signal Strength and signal quality display
◆ MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 SD/HD decoding
◆ Automatic and manual full band channel scanning
◆ Manage up to 5000 TV and Radio channels
◆ Channel edition,delete,favorite and parental lock
◆ True colors on screen display user friendly menu 
◆ Multi languages, English by default
◆ HDMI,S/PDIF and CVBS outputs
◆ Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
◆ EPG up to 7 days 
◆ PVR via plug-in USB HDD
◆ Software upgrade through USB and on air
◆ Channel information save in memory after power off
◆ Front panel displaying channel number or time
◆ Teletext via OSD & VBI
◆ Full multi-lingual DVB subtitling and audio track support
◆ Low power consumption and green power standby mode 
◆ Embedded CAS system Irdeto/Conax/CTI/Enigma
◆ Youtube,Live Weather report,Google map through RJ45 port
System Resource
CPU BCM7358 : MIPS 34Kf@700MHz /1000DMIPS
Operating System Linux
SDRAM 256Mbyte DDR3 
FLASH 128Mbytes (nand-flash)